From ISC, we really hope that you and your families are not much touched by the virus. 

The challenging situation caused by the pandemic is testing Organizations and their professionals deeply, forcing new, unexpected scenarios. Whatever this crisis brings, we will do all we can to support everyone at this difficult time. 

In ISC we have put in place a package of measures that will help keep firms in business and prevent Covid-19 from causing long-lasting economic harm. These measures have been developed in the context of the exceptional circumstances and we are working closely with companies to make sure that they have maximum impact. 

The package is aimed at ensuring that operational firms are able to produce at their full potential; and that they provide quick, robust and consistent response during the demand shock provoked by the crisis. It is also intended for the temporarily inactive firms that will need a competitive edge to keep functioning in the aftermath. 

It is important to observe in both cases that, while the boost/reduction in activity associated with Covid-19 could be sharp and large, it is likely to rebound also sharply when temporary measures are lifted. For this reason, substantial and substantive initiatives should be adopted during the intervening period, to adapt rapidly to the new situation and to respond efficiently after the disruption.  

Our measures are hence aimed at ensuring the proper reaction and sets out our guidance and support through three temporary services: 

To operational production firms

A temporary Consultancy Service for providing quickremote analysis to improve their production capacity (our historical minimum improvement is 20%);  

To production companies temporarily inactive

A provisional Consultancy Service, supporting their recovery through a remote productivity analysis before they are back to normal; 

Temporary Information Service

The aim of this service is to help firms in the current uncertain climate; guiding them to the appropriate adjustments in their production lines to what is likely to be the new normal after the crisis.

These services are provided without charge, except for a commission over the effective improvement exceeding 10%. As mentioned before, this initiative is temporary and is our contribution against the pernicious effects of Covid-19 over production companies. 

It is important to note that, while it is for each firm to form its own view on the appropriate measures in this situation, the overall impact of Covid-19 is subject to very high levels of uncertainty. The appropriate decisions must be taken now and any changes affecting production must be implemented based on the most reliable, functional methodologies available.  

This makes it extremely important the professional approach, since firms are exposed to inappropriate evaluation leading to underestimating the risk (and the potential) of the situation. Without doubt, well-balanced, consistent decisions now will drive the business more than ever, and ISC is committed to support firms in this process. 

Bearing this in mind, in ISC we are providing these services exceptionally, aimed to help firms with insufficient line capacity or in need of productivity improvements. But we keep thinking about further steps to support them in their production problems and will be informing periodically.  

Remember hence that we are right here for you. Whatever your problem is, just contact us and we will do our best to help you now and after the crisis.